SOS DevOps team are experts at

  • Defining DevOps and Cloud Strategy, and create roadmap for rapid implementation
  • Identifying Roadblocks during the design phase
  • Designing and Implementing AWS Solutions for Continuous Delivery
  • Provisioning Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure, Monitoring and Alerting
  • We are always evaluating new tools and technologies, and creating custom tooling to drive automation and cost efficiency
  • Automation is a key at SOS. Anything that is done more than once is automated by exisitng or custom tooling
  • Our goal is to ensure your products/projects are delivered quickly and with high quality with DevOps Process implementaion and improvement and let you focus on your business

We help out customers

  • Build best in class Cloud Infrastructure and Services from ground up.
  • Migrate their applications to the Public Cloud with proven strategies and methodologies in an effieient and cost optimized way.
  • In Continuous learning and improvement. We bridge the knowlege gap by offering hands-on training in several technologies and methodologies
  • High quality in-house onsite training sessions for Management and SysAdmins

Our implementations are always

  • High qaulity at increased pace utilizing automation tools and custom code when required to serve a company's growth on any scale
  • Robust and based on industry best practices

With SOS DevOps on your side, you

  • Move fast and deliver secure and reliable products quickly from your team to your customers
  • Deploy fast with a solid Pipeline for code deployment and testing
  • Version control your Infrastructure whether its in-house or in the Cloud
  • Optimize your Infrastructure for maximum Cost Savings without degrading performance or security
  • Have a team that can work hand-in-hand with your team or not to deliver exceptional Value